Have you ever wanted to visit a city and not use rental cars, Uber or taxis because of traffic and costs? Then using Public Transit is the solution. In many cities Public Transit is faster and cheaper. Especially when you take into consideration looking for a high prices parking space, and the environmental impact of the automobile.

The goal of Tourist by Transit is to give you the tools and the confidence to use transit. We will feature the top tourist destinations and family friendly options, Since I am also interested in craft beer, local breweries will be featured, For the railfan, some interesting railfan spots may also be highlighted over time. 

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North american cities

Several cities in the United States have very convenient transit options.  From your arrival at the airport to all the best tourist spots. This would include San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York and more… 

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European cities

Europe is well known for transit access. Cities include nearly all the great cities in Europe, plus many smaller cities. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dresden, Copenhagen and more…

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Asian cities

Asia is not always the tourist friendly to non-natives. However, many Asian cities have superb transit. This website endeavors to help westerners navigate these cities in confidence. This includes Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and more.  

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