Portland Quick information

Transit System

  • Name: TriMet 

System Type

  • Bus: X # of routes
  • Light Rail called MAX with 5 routes
  • Commuter Train called WES with one route
  • Streetcar, owned by City or Portland, with 3 routes
  • Note C-Tran buses from Vancouver, WA do run into Portland
  • Link to system map


  • All system fare for 2.5 hours is $2,50, a day pass is $5.00 (not valid on Ctran)

Fare Media

  • Tickets
  • Monthly Passes
  • Smart Phone Ticket App
  • Soon to be added: A reloadable contactless fare card called “HOP” that will also work on Ctran

Top 10 list of places to go by rail transit in Portland

  1. Pioneer Square, also known as “Portland’s Living Room”
  2. The Oregon Zoo/Washington Park
  3. Portland Airport
  4. Oregon Convention Center
  5. Moda Center/Memorial Coliseum, home of NBA Blazers
  6. Providence Park, home of the MLS Timbers
  7. Powells Books
  8. Portland Art Museum
  9. Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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The city of roses

No need for a car in a city that promotes “Keep Portland WEIRD”

Portland has been discovered. It is the largest city in Oregon. The city is split by the Willamette River and to the north it edges on the Columbia River. It is known for being very progressive. They tore down their riverfront freeway in downtown and turned into a park in the 1980’s. In the early 1980’s they canceled a new freeway project and were able to convert the funding into building the first MAX light Rail. In 2001 the city opened the first modern era streetcar.

To say Portlanders know how make a livable city is an understatement. The city is very vibrant with lots of shops and restaurants. It has the most microbreweries within its city limits than any other city in the US, if not the world. There are plenty of family attractions to choose from, so there is no reason not to come to Portland, and not use a car.

The MAX light rail system ties the entire Portland region (minus Vancouver, WA, but not for the lack of trying) together. For the visitor many of the most popular attractions are an easy walk from a MAX station. For getting around downtown and the inner east-side, the Portland Streetcar is a viable option. For areas not served by rail, Trimet also operates an extensive bus system with many key routes operating every 15 minutes or better. 

To help you get around Portland we have the following sections.

  • Transit System information
    • Generic System
    • Fare information
    • How to use the system
    • Airport to city and Amtrak information
  • Top places to go in Portland and their nearest transit stop
    • The Top Ten Tourist places
    • Museums
    • Parks, views and activities
    • Select Restaurants, Breweries 
    • Hotels near transit



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